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A disillusioned assassin accepts one last hit in hopes of Sweet wants casual sex Oak Ridge his earnings to restore vision to a singer he accidentally blinded. Lee : [subtitled version] He looks determined There's something heroic about him.

He doesn't look like a killer. He comes across so calm In. Original title: Dip huet seung hung. Play trailer Action Crime Drama.

Director John Woo. John Woo. Top credits Director John Woo. Trailer The Killer. Photos Top cast Edit. Danny Lee Insp.

Lee Ying as Insp. Lee Ying …. Sally Yeh Jennie as Jennie. Kenneth Tsang Sgt. Tsang Yeh as Sgt. Tsang Yeh as Tsang Kong. Barry Wong Chief Insp.

Dou as Chief Insp. Dou …. Parkman Wong Insp. Chan Bok as Insp. Chan Bok. Chuen Chiang Shooter at beach as Shooter at beach uncredited. Chin-Hung Fan Shooter at beach as Shooter at beach Hottest girls have sex.

Woon-Ling Hau Trash lady as Trash lady uncredited. More like this. Storyline Edit. A Hong Kong hitman accidentally blinds an innocent woman during a hit. He Horny teens in coronachsaskatchewan determined to get her surgery to help her regain her sight but he needs to complete one more hit first.

He completes the job but then is ambushed as he tries to escape: someone wants him dead. Meanwhile a resourceful, unorthodox police detective is hot on his trail. This film will blow you away. Action Crime Drama Thriller.

Rated R for strong violence. Did you know Edit. Trivia John Woo dedicated this film to Martin Scorsese. Quotes Lee : [subtitled version] He looks determined Alternate versions The Taiwan version has Free sober singles dating scene where it shows Jenny sitting in her dressing room while hearing the gunshots around 5 minutes into the movie.

Connections Featured in Century of Cinema: Naamsaang-neuiseung User reviews Review. Top review. One of Hong Kong's best films. The Killer is widely regarded as John Woo's best all round film, and makes an appearance on an extraordinary of people's Top 10 lists. This may be because it was the first Hong Kong movie a lot of people saw, as it was one of the first to get any kind of widespread attention in the US.

It doesn't feature in my own Top 10, but that's not because it isn't good Chow Yun Fat plays the titular killer, an assassin who begins to regret his life of violence after accidentally blinding singer Sally Yeh during an assassination. Danny Lee plays the cop on his case, who begins to Ok cupid Bakersfield wife he can relate to the killer more than he can to many of his colleagues. Sex dating in Hoxie men are shown to be men whose values of loyalty and honour are increasingly being forgotten by the society in which they live.

It's a very romanticised Delayed response online dating - even though the main characters earn their livings from violence, they're painted as very noble characters and starkly contrasted with the real villains led by Shing Fui On in his best role ever who kill without honour. There's a broad message of peace and restraint from violence there too, though it's somewhat conflicted with the romanticisation of some of the bloodshed.

This is evident in the quality of the production on pretty much ever level. The film has as high production values as any Hong Kong film ever made, and is surely one of the most technically accomplished. However, the interviews on the Hong Kong Legends DVD clearly show that Woo had a vision and pursuit of excellence that was the driving force in the project.

He's spoken of very highly by his cast and DOP, who give him the full credit for the film's success. I'd like to hear Tsui Hark's side of the story though The attention to detail in the film is most obvious in the cinematography.

This was Peter Pau's first big film, and the one that established him as one of Hong Kong's top cinematographers. He gives Woo most of the credit for the film's visual style though, describing how much thought Woo would give to the way the camera should be positioned and move to bring out the emotional quality of the scene. Woo is often regarded by Western Pictures of no drugs makers as the best director of action in the world.

I think Tsui Hark probably deserves that credit more, but Woo certainly redefined Glenrothes sex personals way gunplay was choreographed and filmed. Some Western audiences find THE KILLER too melodramatic, and for an audience not raised on the swordplay and kung fu films that influenced Woo the romanticised notions of loyalty, honour and integrity may seem rather alien and strange.

It's a theme Encontrar personas en usa gratis has long been found in Hong Kong Cinema though, so perhaps it reflects a more Chinese set of values than the average American or European is used to experiencing.

It would be especially rare to find such emotional scenes in a Hollywood action movie, where the action genre is usually considered to be wholly distinct from drama. John Woo is unlikely to produce a film of this calibre again, and unfortunately it's unlikely Chow Yun Fat will do either.

As for Danny Lee, this was undoubtedly the highlight of his career - Psychadelic Cop anyone? Sally Yeh also gives her most memorable performance, and a surprisingly convincing blind character for somebody that had no Cocaine urine detection time acting training. Shing Fui On and Kenneth Tsang have never looked better either.

In fact, for almost everybody involved this was probably the high point of their career. FAQ 4. What does the Chinese title of The Killer mean?

The killer

Details Edit. Release date September United States. Hong Kong. Cantonese Mandarin Japanese. Hong Kong, China.

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