Trixie Toes Sole Savers

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Trixie Toes Sole Savers

Trixie Toes sole savers are a great alternative to dancing barefoot and protecting the pad of your foot.

Available in 3 colors with options of having a tacky or non-tacky finish.



There are a number of factors to consider to find the perfect fit. The width and thickness of the foot, the instep and finally the dancer's personal fitting preference all play a part. At first Trixie Toes should feel tight. It takes about 4-6 hours before they stretch to fit snug to your foot. Our charts should provide a snug fit once they have been worn in.

Stand on a piece of paper with your full weight pressing down on your foot and draw lines to mark the widest part of your foot as shown below. Find your size in the diagram below. Pay attention to the thickness of your foot. If you have thick feet and are close to the next size it is advisable to order the next size up.


If you find it difficult to measure or wish to use the below table for comparison, the below table shows approximate shoe sizes. Please note that this table does not take into account the width of the foot - which is the MOST IMPORTANT factor.