Mighty Grip Knee Protectors

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Mighty Grip Knee Protectors with Tack

The Mighty Grip Knee Protectors are designed not only to protect your knees but also feature an open back with tack strips to allow for a better grip when working on your knee holds. As we all know this can be a painful hold especially for beginners.

  • The built in tack strips help provide extra grip on the pole.
  • Assists smooth transition from floor to pole to enable longer and more productive practice
  • Excellent for beginners - helps to reduce bruising and pain caused by gripping the pole.
  • Help to build confidence and concentrate on building upper body strength.
  • Professionals and those who pole dance for long periods benefit from being able to practice longer and with less bruising. 
  • Used in competition by professionals
  • The knee protectors have been designed specifically for pole dancing.
  • Each pack contains 1 pair of knee protectors..

Which size will fit me?


Our size chart will assist you in choosing the correct size for you. Remember, if the size you choose doesn't fit comfortably you may request a replacement size at no additional cost (other than the cost of returning the original item).


* PLEASE NOTE * - The knee protectors are sold in pairs. Please be aware that they are leg-specific. The knee protectors should be worn with the extra tack strip on the inside of the knee.