Pole Physics is not a grip aid, & you can still use your favourite grip product!

Pole Physics is a body lotion that will allow you to benefit from your skin's natural ability to grip.

Healthy skingrips better than dry skin.

Dry scaly skin will cause you to be much more slippery on the pole.


Why Choose Pole Physics?
Now you can pole AND have beautiful, toned, healthy skin.


Still dubious?

Brighdie Chambers, reviewed Gradual Tan for Pole Dance Australia "Pole Physics has certainly taken the reign in creating a pole-friendly product that is both practical and functional. And, says Chambers, “I am no longer losing my grip when I am upside down or doing leg spins,” which she entirely credits Pole Physics’ Gradual Tan. - Read more at Poleista

Ask any of the many stars who use & LOVE Pole Physics: Lou Landers, Carlie Hunter, Gracie Buntine, Jamilla Deville, Bendy Kate, Chris Talbot, Maddie Sparkle,  to name a few....






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