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At PoleAmorUK we have taken the time to help you decide which grip and/or anit-sweat application is best for you.


So which Pole Grip should I choose???




Mighty Grip is a heat activated thermoplastic powder. Sprinkle sparingly on your hands and press your palms together, as the powder warms up to your body , it will create a film of tackiness. The keyword here is heat. Students and instructors alike carry this product around religiously. 

Those with warmer hands swear by this product. It also works for most pole finishes. It does not, however, stop you from sweating right through the grip aid, so Mighty Grip is great for adding tackiness to dry hands but not for combating sweaty palms.

For people with sweaty hands Mighty Grip themselves recommend using Poletice prior to the application their own product.







Dry Hands will also help with your sweaty palms. Unlike Tite grip, Dry Hands works more like an antiperspirant. It adds grip, not so much by being tacky, but by adding “texture” to the skin.

After spreading dry hands evenly and thinly on your hands and skin, resist the temptation to rub it in. Rubbing will remove the product as it is designs to sit on top of the skin.

Dry hands is good on chrome, brass as well as powder coated poles. However it does leave a white residue on the poles and the hands that need to be cleaned off after use. This can be another grip aid in your pole bag

If you find it very humid people tend pat Dry Hands directly onto the poles.





Another favourite is Itac2. A naturally sourced wax based grip enhancer from Australia, formulated using organic beeswax and is hypoallergenic.

There are different grip levels to choose from. Regular Strength and Extra strength depending on how much grip you need that day.

A little goes a long way for this grip aid and putting on too much can make your grip worse, as the layers of wax slides over each other and become slick.

Itac2 works great on chrome and stainless steel poles and you will love this grip aid. It can however be problematic on brass poles. It has been reported that on brass poles Itac2 becomes very temperamental, although this is not everyone’s opinion. On brass poles Itac2 will be very sticky for a short period and then become extremely slick.

If you have a brass pole, try it and formulate your own opinion, just ensure to use a small amount, rub it in, and wait for it to dry before trying to pole and remember to #trainsafe #Polesafe

Easy Directions:
Take a small amount of itac2 on to your finger and rub on to your hands and or body, then wait be patient for one minute for itac2 to activate.
To remove itac2 from body and/or hands use hot soapy water.
To remove itac2 from your pole we recommend itac2 pole cleaner.







Tite Grip is a clear drying antiperspirant lotion that helps keep your palms slip proof. Apply Tite Grip 30 minutes before poling to prevent sweaty palms, wicking away moisture from your hands. Since it is an antiperspirant, Tite Grip does not add extra grip or tackiness to your skin. Tite grip works for up to 6 hrs. So if you have dry skin and palms that sweat, you can add a tacky grip aid just prior to your pole lesson / practice for your own personal customised cocktail of pole grip. Tite Grip’s versatility and ability to work well with other formulas as well as different pole finishes, is many peoples favourites although there are plenty to choose from and you need to find a combination that work best for you, some do argue that it is not a grip aid at all, as it is only an antiperspirant.







Dew Point Pole naturally moisturises your skin while increasing your grip on the pole. With this revolutionary new moisturiser you no longer have to choose between dry skin or the pole… you can have it all!

Dew Point is a godsend for people with dry skin. It comes in a range of formulas light, medium and ultra, providing oil free moisture that helps your skin stick to the pole.

Pole dancers with dry skin learns from experience that their skin sticks better just as they start to sweat a tiny bit, when they skin is a bit clammy. This product mimics this feeling. This product is the choice of many top pole athletes and champions globally, as the use it all over the body and limbs, but avoid getting it on your hands.

If you have sweaty skin, this is probably not a good product for you.

You should also consider using Pole Physics to condition and care for your skin.







What we find is that those with truly sweaty palms actually get a neat sort of "tack" when they do start to sweat!  That was actually a welcome surprise to me!

POLEtice, or Dirty Girl Poletice, is a true anti-sweating pre-pole (pre-activity) hand mask.  You can use it anywhere on your body that you sweat!  It is ALL natural, naturally organic, so you can feel safe putting it on your skin.  We have searched for the most pure product available!

Dirty Girl guarantees our product.  We realize not every product is great for every person.  We are all unique, as is our skin.  We truly do feel that this is the answer for sweaty palms though!” -- Summer

No Sweat!

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