Tite Grip

Tite Grip is a clear drying antiperspirant lotion that helps keep your palms slip proof. Apply Tite Grip 30 minutes before poling to prevent sweaty palms, wicking away moisture from your hands. Since it is an antiperspirant, Tite Grip does not add extra grip or tackiness to your skin. Tite grip works for up to 6 hrs. So if you have dry skin and palms that sweat, you can add a tacky grip aid just prior to your pole lesson / practice for your own personal customised cocktail of pole grip. Tite Grip’s versatility and ability to work well with other formulas as well as different pole finishes, is many peoples favourites although there are plenty to choose from and you need to find a combination that work best for you, some do argue that it is not a grip aid at all, as it is only an antiperspirant.