iTac 2

Another favourite is Itac2. A naturally sourced wax based grip enhancer from Australia, formulated using organic beeswax and is hypoallergenic.

There are different grip levels to choose from. Regular Strength and Extra strength depending on how much grip you need that day.

A little goes a long way for this grip aid and putting on too much can make your grip worse, as the layers of wax slides over each other and become slick.

Itac2 works great on chrome and stainless steel poles and you will love this grip aid. It can however be problematic on brass poles. It has been reported that on brass poles Itac2 becomes very temperamental, although this is not everyone’s opinion. On brass poles Itac2 will be very sticky for a short period and then become extremely slick.

If you have a brass pole, try it and formulate your own opinion, just ensure to use a small amount, rub it in, and wait for it to dry before trying to pole and remember to #trainsafe #Polesafe

Easy Directions:
Take a small amount of itac2 on to your finger and rub on to your hands and or body, then wait be patient for one minute for itac2 to activate.
To remove itac2 from body and/or hands use hot soapy water.
To remove itac2 from your pole we recommend itac2 pole cleaner.