Dirty Girl Poletice

Dirty Girl Poletice is a no fuss, organic pole aid to help give that slightly ‘tacky’ feel that you often need when on the pole to help you grip with ease.

This unique tacky pole grip is made in the USA from Organic and Natural ingredients, Poletice Pink No Rinse is a safe alternative to chemical antiperspirants for hands or bodies. 

Dirty Girl Poletice pole grip comes in a new airless pump with a NEW No Rinse Formula. Dirty Girl Poletice pole grip is so effective that you only need apply a pea sized amount on your hands. You will get approximately 160 uses per 50ml pump and 320 for 100ml meaning that your pole grip will last a long time – saving you money.

What does Dirty Girl Poletice pole grip do?

How does it work?

Dirty Girl Poletice pole grip is applied BEFORE applying your grip. Allow it to air dry for 30 seconds. Use with or without a pole grip aid. It does give a slightly tacky feel, but will prevent the hands and/or body from sweating!

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