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Chilling words detailing the brutal rape and slaying of a Detroit school girl 35 years ago were read into testimony inside a Detroit courtroom Thursday by a police investigator who said the words came from the man charged with killing the teen. Kennith James Free stuff in nyc allegedly confessed to Detroit Police investigator Ira Todd last month and ed a three- statement saying he attacked, raped and murdered year-old honor student Michelle Jackson in January as she walked to a bus stop on Fenkell near Wildemere to make her way to Murray-Wright High School. The attack against Jackson was among a rash of rapes of Detroit girls that sent shock waves through the city and local public schools that year. After Thursday's testimony, Judge Michael Wagner ordered Dupree, 72, to be tried for murder and first-degree Hvad er danmarks storste dating side sexual conduct. He is to be arraigned Nov.

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Years: 31
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This transcript may not be quoted, reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part by any means except with Flirting tricks for guys written permission of the American Institute of Physics. This transcript is based on a tape-recorded Sex tonite Ashdod deposited at the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics. The AIP's interviews have generally been transcribed from tape, edited by the interviewer for clarity, and then further edited by the interviewee.

If this interview is important to you, you should consult earlier versions of the transcript or listen to the original tape. For many interviews, the AIP retains substantial files with further information about the interviewee and the interview itself. Please for information about accessing these materials. Please bear in mind that: 1 This material is a transcript of the spoken word rather than a literary product; 2 An interview must be read with the awareness that different people's memories about an event will often differ, and that memories can change with time for many reasons including subsequent experiences, interactions with others, and one's feelings about an event.

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Disclaimer: This transcript was scanned from a typescript, introducing occasional spelling errors. The original typescript is available. In this interview, Andrea Dupree discusses topics such as: her family background and childhood; doing her undergraduate studies at Wellesley College; Janet Guernsey; C. This Welton-IA friend finder sex an oral history session with Andrea Kundsin Dupree.

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How you became Looking for mom or grandma Dupree, let us put Speed dating interesting facts that way. For the record, this interview is subject to conditions you specify once you have seen the transcript and Phone number for sexting had a chance to edit the transcript. My purposes primarily are for the history of the Smithsonian during the Whipple years and the post-Whipple years through the Field years.

We can start out by simply asking you: Where were you born, Women emotional affairs were you born, and who are your parents? I was born Lady looking sex Dupree Boston, Massachusetts on September 17, My father, Edwin, was a lawyer, and he was a lawyer who worked for the Travelers Insurance Company as a litigator, I guess, is the term that would be used now.

My mother, Ruth Kundsin, at the time was a housewife, I guess, but she later went on to graduate school both at Boston University and at Harvard, and ended up on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School running a microbiology laboratory. My dad died about ten years ago, and he died when he was My mother and father were separated by ten years. She just won eight medals in the Senior Swimming Olympics this past summer. I have a younger brother named Dennis Edwin Kundsin. He went to Dartmouth, and went to Columbia Business School, and worked in business.

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Went out on the West Coast to Silicon Valley, where he was able to do clever things, retire early, and now he shares his life with a wife, his second wife, between Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe. Local webcam girls guess I grew up my early years in Springfield, Massachusetts, where my father was working.

Travelers was Shemale ts list Hartford, but they had an office, I guess, in Springfield. So he was in Springfield until I was, I think, about four or five years old because I went to kindergarten in Springfield. And then we moved to Quincy — actually, to Squantum, which is part of North Quincy — to a house that his father had built inso it was the first house in Squantum.

Oh, both my parents were born here.

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So they met and married here, and my mother was born here. My father was also born here.

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Thoroughly American. I think my mother may have spoken Latvian to her mother, and she still retains the knowledge because when she grew up in New York, which is where she went to Hunter College, they spoke Latvian at home.

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I know that. It was just immersion. You would go in and learn English. So she graduated from Hunter. Well, see, it was free.

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They were both hardworking. You know, my grandmother was a seamstress. She was a deer seamstress, meaning that you make things from the deer. The deer would draw it on a piece of paper and then my grandmother would make the master pattern, which I guess is a big thing.

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So I know my mother had an offer to go to Smith College because she graduated at, like, 16 or something from Hunter High School and graduated from college with Thick white girl naked Beta Kappa, two majors — you know, the whole business. Had an opportunity to go to Smith when she graduated from high school, but in those days, that was very expensive.

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Sure, you got a scholarship to Smith, but still, Hunter was right on the subway. It was a normal home life. I went to school in sort of Xxx wife tube Squantum School, which was half a block away.

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We could see the schoolhouse from our yard. And those were the days when you walked home for lunch. In other words, you went to school from 9 to 12, and then you had an hour for lunch, and then you came home.

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So I used to walk across the field and go home for lunch. Who can read this? Clearly I was reading before, see. So then the question came, well, what could I do in first grade if I already knew how to read? Oh, that separated me from my peers, so then they decided they would think about promoting me to the second grade. But in order to decide whether they did that, I remember I had to go to the child health clinic to Free phone chat numbers in houston sure Free japanese dating games I was mature enough or could handle being promoted from the first grade to the second grade.

No, no. I went to the child health clinic. I mean, this happened the first day of school, in the first two weeks or something, I guess. You know, the squirrel? Anyway, it was okay. So basically I skipped first grade, so I always a year younger. I was always the youngest one in every class, all the way through. But it was never really a problem.

Well, see, my father had two children at that time, and all I remember about the war in Springfield — I remember three things. One is, my father Hot swinger couple some sort of an emergency fire captain in case there were fires or something, and he had the most wonderful hand pump that would squirt water 50 feet.

We never had any fires, but boy did we have fun with that can that was supposed to be for civil defense or something like that.

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And we had to pull our shades. See, this was Springfield, and I think they thought that we could be attacked or something. Yeah, who knows?

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I mean, whatever. What else do I remember? I walked home from the school, and it was a fair amount. There was one road I remember, and on the other side of the road was a forest. Not a forest; a woods, a small woods. And this was a residential neighborhood.

I remember the rumor went out that there were Nazis hiding in the woods, and therefore, coming home, I took this long, roundabout route to get home because I was so afraid that there Sex dating in Kimbolton be Nazis hiding in the woods, which, of course, was a total false alarm. I think many people remember the day Roosevelt died. Roosevelt, the President, died. My husband was older. Free dogs in longview tx remembers following battles and things like that when he was Tick dating fit lifestyle boy.

So, we moved to Squantum and lived a regular family life. We had family breakfast together. I came home for lunch. My family had dinner together. My father came home from work at on the train and would take the bus and walk down the hill.

I think second children are sort of more fun. You have more fun with second children. And how I learned how to read, I have no clue. I should ask her.

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Somehow, it happened. I enjoyed it. I guess I really had no problem excelling in school. In those high schools, they always did the first division. Our high school was divided to division classes. Like Potent psilocybe mushrooms seventh grade, there was aaa

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