Flying Pole

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SkyPole is supplied in 3 pieces each 925mm in length allowing us to ship anywhere in the world...

Total length of 2775mm plus the hanger which adds an additional 50mm. 

Made from qulity grade 45mm stainless steel - Higly polished 

You can hang it in the same way you hang a Hoop using a carabiner OR for more fun add a Swivel, which you will then need 2 carabiners all available HERE

SkyPole is hand built here in Derbyshire by our trusted engineers who have been manufacturing Polesilks for a number of years along with our NEW product Pole Suspension Training system - PST.

we are able to have any length unit made for you. If you need a different size or want it in more than 3 pieces or have any questions please email us HERE 

Should you require yours to be shorter then please order and put this in the notes and we will arrange this for you at no extra cost.





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