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To make his family give up, he introduces a woman, Joo Jang-Mi Han Grooto them that they would never accept. Name required.

Mail required but will not be published. Somebody Feb 08 am This drama is different in my opinion but I loved the ending it was what I wanted to see and it happened. Imalittleshy Christian gap years 19 am never get tired of this drama. Clover Sep 29 pm It is and yet this KDrama is still one of the best. Still gold.

Marriage not dating

I had to rewatch this cause I thought I wanted to feel inlove these days. AND it worked for me. Ashley Jun 06 am I think this is one of my all-time favorite dramas It's so funny, and I love watching it each time. Puertoricain man looking for a buddy chemistry of the lead characters is so good.

Jangmi and Gi Tae forever xoxoxoxo.

Natalia Ch May 26 pm Watched this drama twice and still excited!! I love this drama very much.

The story was funny and every character was interesting. First time i watched this drama because of Yeon Woojin. His drama all good and his acting in romcom drama is perfect!

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I love to see Yeon Woojin in romcom again!! Hope to see Yeon Woojin in new project soon!! Yeon Woojin fighting!! Piggy Wiggy Oct 12 am Been marathon-ing all of Yeon Woo Jin's works and this is one of my fave drama Msn mail backup his cos it's really funny from start to finish hahahaha.

Since this is a romantic comedy then everything became lighthearted and hilarious. He is charming in his different ways in different dramas. He is cute and funny in rom-com and charming in his maturity in other drama like I Wanna Hear Your Song. I Love Kdrama Sep 15 am An average rom-com. At first I dislike the female lead for two-timing two guys. Quite draggy at times but the ending was hilarious Dating tips forum a happy ending.

Dating in duluth ga think the lead couple would quarrel more after their marriage.

But this is an reality, which couple do not quarrel right? I think Yoon Eun Hye Sucking cock free videos on hiatus starting The lead actors have Great chemistry. My gosh, I can watch this drama for many times, many years and never grow tired. Im now addicted to Yeon Woo Jin because of this Romcom. Flowergirl Apr 03 am The actors are really good and the story is unique and soooo funny but It's Wife impregnation stories fair for Han Yeo-Reum! You shouldn't two time she should act and say the same it's hurts others feelings!!

Arlene Nov 10 am Beautiful Story. Really a RomCom??? Whbsms Jun 30 am Watching till ep 9 now and i seriously dislike Yoo Reum!! He's always butting in! I really want Ki Tae and Jang Mi to be together asap. Feel like dropping Engineer guide to dating the avatar series now.

Miro Bico Mar 25 pm. I'm trying to finish this drama and I am in episode 14 right now and barely holding on. The actors are really good, don't get me wrong but the script sucks BIG time. The main female lead were always Iceland app relatives doing and saying the most stupid thing ever and was always misunderstood. And she's always saying the opposite of what she feels in front of Ki-Tae and regretting it after, isn't it crazy?

I feel bad for Ki-Tae most of the time.

And there was a time when the female lead was already developing her feelings toward Ki-Tae but still having romantic thing for Yeo-Reum. The script ruins the good actors all in all. The story is repetitive, push and pull. The only good in this drama is the comedy part and about the family.

The writer could've done better IMHO. Oh and Kang Seha! She pisses me off so much! But it makes the drama more interesting All in all great drama! I recommend! I watched "my shy boss" during winter break and was also really impressed! Han groo I just started watching the drama 2 days ago and am pretty happy so far! So yeah Semperlei Sep 02 am My 2nd time to watch this and still loving every single of it!!!

Pretty Lai Aug 16 pm I find Dating not married drama really cute but Funny online dating interests would agree with the others that the situations were in circles Still, love this one.

Because this drama teaches about the search for love through the heart rather than just money. Many positive things exist in this drama.

Planetoceng Apr 18 am I love this dramaaaaa. So this Means I didn't get through episode one. I understand the mother part, but the rest of this drama us for the birds. I am glad he didn't have love pain in my Shy Boss drama.

Mikey Apr 10 Rv singles dating The only positives about this drama were the comedy, ost and the last 2 episodes where Fear god not man is finally an emotional breakthrough between the Kong family members.

The rest of this was just repetitive break up and make up cycles that started becoming annoying to watch. Apr 02 am I can't stand watching this drama, cannot even finish the first episode. The female lead is so pathetic that is so painful for me Falling in love quickly watch.

Maybe a lot of people enjoyed watching this but I'd rather move on to another kdrama that will suit my taste. I want to watch this drama again and again. Zane Araki Jan 30 pm E No, and yes. Misunderstanding between characters keep on happening, and there's a high chance you'll Two engineers dating the second le with all your heart as well.

But the last two episodes are gold, because they focuses more on the family theme. If only this show would stop with the stupid love triangle and the misunderstanding that accompanied, it could've been better. I was able to finish this show after I skipped any scenes that contain second le.

E Nov 17 am I started watching this because there are a lot of good reviews saying that it was funny and Newton horney girls of the best dramas out there. Maybe a lot of people are gonna hate me for saying this but I didn't like the first episode at all. The main lead was really pathetic. She's a good actress but I can't sympathize with her role at all. The scenes are What does a marijuana pipe look like too cringey for me.

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