All our pole grips and pre-applications are trusted brands which are carefully selected and used by pole champions and athletes around the world.

PoleAmorUK is always looking for new products to enable us to offer you a wide and diverse range of pole grips here in the UK and Europe.

Dry Hands, Mighty Grip, Poletice, Tite Grip, Itac2, Dew Point Pole, and NEW to the UK is Stunt Grip

We check others prices so you don’t have to allowing us to offer you the best price with great customer service.

It is advisable to always carry a number of grips as your skin, temperatures and precipitation alter constantly.

Another way to look after you skin is to use Pole Physics as we all know that using “normal” moisturises is not a good idea.


Pole Grip - why you use them - Which One should I choose?

Almost everyone suffers from sweaty hands at some point. Luckily there are a number of liquids and powders you can use on your hands and legs to get you through those difficult pole moves. Using grip aids to help reduce sweating hands or dry powdery skin can HELP build strength.