UKPPC 2015

25th Nov 2015

This Sunday 29th November sees one of the biggest pole competition's held here in the Uk at Telford, the UKPPC

The UK Professional Pole Championships is the first competition in the UK to give professional pole athletes and dancers the opportunity to compete against their peers through three professional categories; Instructor, Professional, and Elite.

UKPPC aims to be a fair, ethical, professional, and transparent competition that recognises the athleticism and artistry of pole dance on a national stage.


This category is open to all pole instructors who do not perform professionally.

This category is open to all pole dancers who have performed professionally but are not eligible for the Elite category.


This category is for the elite of UK and international pole dance and is open to dancers who have won, or been a runner up in, a professional pole competition 'of note' e.g. county, national, international competitions.  

The event is held at Telford International Centre and the doors open at 2.30pm and tickets have sold out.

We are in for a treat this year as Bendy Kate who is one of the judges is also performing!  Bendy Kate is a unique performer specialising in pole, aerial, hand-balancing and acrobatics. She was last year's World Champion and has won the UK Professional Pole Championships three times! Bendy spends her time training, performing, judging, competing and teaching.

PoleamorUK will be attending the event and are also a special award sponsor :-)  We are also happy to announce that we will be selling some fabulous pole clothing from Point out Polewear.  See you there!