Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale!

18th Nov 2015

Friday 27th November will see our Black Friday Sale!!  This sale event which originated in America is becoming popular here in the UK and the  Daily Mirror is predicting an increase in the event here in the UK for 2015.

Poleamor UK will be having products on sale with savings of up to 30%!  The products include Polesilks units and their new products of Skypole and hoops.

Skypole is an idea brought to life by Pantera Blacksmith Beginning an international performance and instruction career in 2000, making her the first international pole icon and instructor. After her victory at the US nationals in 2003, she starred in the very first pole trick instructional dvd "Pole Tricks: 101" which introduced over 27 signature maneuvers which are the staples of pole today. As a result, her methods are embedded in all that pole dance and fitness has become today.

Continuing in her efforts to bring top notch instruction and challenges to the people of the pole industry, Pantera challenges herself to gain more knowledge and experiences through alternative avenues. It is this persistent determination that brings her concepts and approach to the next level. Often duplicated but never replicated: Pantera Blacksmith.

Don't miss out on our Black Friday sale!