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Mighty Grip is a light powder which when applied to the skin produces a non-slip grip. It can be applied to any part of the body; hands, feet, thighs, back of legs in order for a pole dancer to be able to maintain the necessary grip.

Why should you use Mighty Grip?

  • Reduces slippage and increases the required grip strength.
  • Improves your hold on the dance pole
  • Reduces fatigue and risk of injury
  • Almost instant "tack" after application
  • Mighty Grip will not come off with sweat
  • One minimal application lasts for hours
  • Dust Free and leaves no marks
  • Might Grip will not peel or transfer
  • Comes off easily with soap and water
  • Does not contain silicon
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Approximately 150 Applications per bottle

Need even more MIGHTY grip?

Mighty Grip has developed a special edition pole grip formula for those times when even Mighty Grip regular strength just isn't giving enough grip. Mighty Grip Special Edition formula is also recommended for those chilly, hard-to-function mornings when you are working on a cold pole. Even under such cold conditions Mighty Grip Special Edition releases its tack quickly.

MIGHTY GRIP approves the use of Dirty Girl Poletice on its own website.

How to use Mighty Grip powders.

Apply Mighty Grip sparingly to clean, dry hands and rub it in. Your body’s temperature activates the thermoplastic material in Mighty Grip making it cling to your hands. The surface becomes sticky to the touch giving you an incredible slip-free grip.

Many industry leaders and pole professionals use Mighty Grip powder often with Dew Point Pole or Dirty Girl Poletice 

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