PoleSilks® has taken an innovative product to a new level by improving its versitility for pole fitness, dance and strength training activities that provides an ultimate grip in ANY surroundings.

POLE SKINS™ technology has been developed after lengthy trials with a leading specialist and now comes supplied with an appropriate formulated lubricant to enable ease of fitting.

POLE SKIN™ is manufactured from a special formulated compound, which contains NO Latex and becomes a Skin/Sleeve that fits snuggly around any type of pole diameter between 40mm to 45mm. The POLE SKIN™ is approximately 4mm in thickness and will add a total of approximately 8mm to the diameter to you pole.



VERSATILE– There is no need to buy different sizes of POLE SKIN™, as it fits poles that are between 40mm to 45mm in diameter

NO MORE SLIPPING- the slip free grip provided by POLE SKIN™ means no more worrying when trying to train strength or flexibility moves. Focusing less on slipping will increase productivity and endurance. It can also provide studio owners with the perfect accessory to help students learn pole moves safely.

REDUCED COSTS– using POLE SKIN™ will mean no more gloves or grip aids required, saving you money.

UPCYCLE OLD POLES - No need to purchase a NEW silicon pole.... reuse an old tarnished pole, give it a second life and save money!

CLOTHES ON– that’s right, you can keep your clothes on when poling! However POLE SKIN™ is just as effective with bare legs too.

NO MORE ALLERGIES– If you or your clients suffer from chrome allergies, POLE SKIN™ can provide an alternative to stop any further breakouts.


INCREASED CLIENT RETENTION – Increase client retention with POLE SKIN™ by having something new and interesting to try.

CONFIDENCE BUSTER - Great for students who are yet to build up body confidence as they can still do all class material without having to wear shorts.

SAFER LONE TRAINING - For poler’s at home and instructors as more grip than standard coated pole. Whether trying new moves or building up strength.

NOT TEMPERATURE DEPENDENT - Does not matter if the studio/Poles are hot, cold or humid. Can also save on heating costs. 

GREAT FOR KIDS - Can be used safely whilst wearing leisurewear/gym clothing.


POLE SKIN™ kits includes our special formulated fitting lubricant a bag, and is available in the following four sizes:

1. up to 7.5' (2.28 meters) - Small

2. 7.5-10' (2.29-3 meters) - Medium

3. 10'-12' (3.1-3.65 meters) - Large

4. 12'-15' (3.65-4.2 meters) - Extra Large


Custom length

You can also order your POLE SKIN™ at a custom length from on £54.95 per meter.


POLE SKIN™ are in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the world within 24/48 hours of payment - For other terms and conditions please click HERE



NO! POLE SKINS™   unique composition makes it pliable when warm which makes fitting POLESKIN™ with a bespoke lubricant very easy. There is no need for air blowers, making POLE SKIN™ easy to install. Your POLE SKIN™ will be #fittedforlife ! - Permanent

How do I fit my POLESKIN™.

Please follow our HOW2 guide HERE. If you have any issues please contact us using the contact form on our site.




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