After much testing I am now happy to announce a range of 45mm poles from PoleAmorUK.


With the input from my fiance' Peter Bowley and the team of designers and manufacturer's of Polesilks, Skypole and now PST, PoleamorUK can now offer the following one piece poles.


PolePlus - Studio


These one piece poles are made for studios requiring single piece poles made from 45mm highly polished marine grade stainless steel with a liner installed for rigidity to lessen the flexibility.  This system also offers the uniqueness of being able to lengthened using our own GlideNLock™ technology


PolePlus -

These poles have been tested over the last 18+ months to make them as user friendly as possible. The final test was at Pole Camp Corfu where they where put through their paces by a number of students over the five weeks as well as the instructors including Nicola Ghlami, Sam King, Sally-ann Giles and Annalisa Muresu. The feedback was all very positive and the height used was from 2.3 to 3.7 mtrs.


Made from 45mm highly polished marine grade stainless steel with our own GlideNLock system making them easy to connect and remain in a safe position. The system will come so you can purchase just the parts you need or an entire kit. Start with the essential parts you need then the option for any additional parts.


This multi-piece system will come as a kit form.


Both the PolePlus and Poleplus Studio use compatible components for locking and height adjustment of up to an additional height of 150mm.


Features and benefits of PolePlus poles are:


  • 12 month guarantee

  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, supporting the local economy

  • Made of highly polished marine grade stainless steel to minimise chrome allergic reaction

  • Super grippy!

  • Bespoke fitting service available

  • How2 video fitting instructions

  • Extendable warranty available up on request



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Love these Bespoke fitted poles they like no other pole ! Beautiful use !! Spin mode is so smooth even with 4 and half meters!!!!