Polesilks are pleased to launch its own pole system PolePlus® with GlideNLock™ technology

With the input from the team of designers and manufacturer's of Polesilks, Skypole and now PST.

PoleamorUK can now offer the following pole system.


No more sticking or slipping locking systems 

No holes in the main pole to reduce the chance catching skin 



These poles have been tested over the last 18+ months to make them as user friendly as possible.

The final test was at Pole Camp Corfu where they were put through their paces by a number of students over the five weeks as well as the instructors which included Nicola Ghlami, Sam King, Sally-ann Giles and Annalisa Muresu and the feedback was all very positive.

 The PolePlus with system was used from 2.3 to 3.7mtrs.


The NEWEST Professional super mirrior polished stainless steel fitness poles on the market.



  1. Fits from 2250mm to 2850mm from the box (with additional extensions available)

  2. 12 months extendable warranty

  3. 45mm super polished marine grade stainless steel - EU manufactured

  4. Super grippy and allergy free

  5. Removable, Multi-piece 

  6. Easy GlideNLock™ joint connecting system, making them easy to connect and remain in a safe position. 

  7. Both stationary, spinning & bottom-loading

  8. Extensions are available for higher installations HERE 

  9. Easily installed 

  10. Non Marking anti-slip pads


The Pole Plus set contains:

2 x Main Poles
1 x Adjuster unit
1 x Adjuster cover
1 x Lock Nut
1 x Base (Static and Spin)
1 x Ceiling mount
1 x 5mm Allen key
2 x Stainless steel locking spanners



Nicola Ghalmi owner of Dance Inspires Oxford

Peter also designed and custom built my one piece steel poles which are like magic. His creativity also meant a floor pinning system has been used meaning I can take 6 poles down in under 5 minutes!!!! Overall, excellent and I definitely recommend"


Shane Godliman link to his FB  https://www.facebook.com/shane.godliman1

Really liked the poles at Lesley's studio I was really impressed with the grip I usually find most poles a bit inconsistent but yours were great for hand grip and leg grip, probably the best poles ive used for grip

Current Stock:
Width: 102.00
Height: 22.00
Depth: 10.50
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