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Lollipop Lyra is a unique piece of apparatus that fits directly onto an X stage lite. 

Professionally manufactured to the same standards as our NEW hoop range using 45mm tube, making it comfortable to use and with the most commonly used pole diameter on the market.

Comes as a standard size of 950mm / 37.4" outer diameter which is the industry standard.

We have the ability to ship anywhere in the world. 

Should you want a different diameter or color please email HERE 


Delivery times can vary. Please contact us as it can take up to or over 21 working days due to where we are with fabrication etc. 

An in-house test was carried out with Julie Fox from Hell on Heelz.  See her comments below

"I absolutely loved using the Lollipop Lyra. It was a fun combination of both Pole and Lyra. As a frequent user of freestanding poles I’m always aware of the ‘bounce’ you tend to get whilst using them, so I was surprised to experience very little wobble, if any during the testing. I also rarely put my pole on spin and so I was a little nervous at first, but the design and quality of the product meant these nerves soon disappeared and I did not feel like I needed any mats. My worry about spinning was also very quickly overcome as it was so much fun and so secure to use and looks more effective when on spin than static. When I did my first tentative special K in the hoop I was surprised (but very pleased) that there was very little flex on the pole.

Things I might change, to be honest there isn’t much here. Potentially I might decrease the thickness of the hoop, the thickness currently means it is very comfortable to use and sit on but, I think hand grip would be increased if it were 5mm or so smaller. (However, I didn’t really struggle with grip and was happily dead lifting on it as it was)

5 stars from me & I can’t wait to get mine and train more on it." 

Julie Fox Jan 2017



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