PoleAmoruk's latest offering to the Pole and Aerial community is its Urban A Frame.



This is the ideal piece of equipment for Aerial Hoop, Aerial Fitness, Yoga, low silks or adding our NEW PST (Pole Suspension Training). Our urban A-Frame comes at a standard height of 2600mm floor to top bar, do it will fit in a house. This is not adjustable like other manufacturer's, as our designers have used thick walled aluminium that allows rigidity, yet light enough to move.

Our Urban A-Frame comes with a strop which can be moved easily allowing the A-Frame to be used for multiple disciplines.

Urban A-FRAME come in 9 Pieces, 4 x legs with feet attached (with anti-slip non marking rubber pads) 4 x poles with connectors attached and a 1.45m Top Bar with angled connectors attached, 1 x 10mm Allen key to tighten up the joints are also supplied.

Urban A-Frame offers

•Quick Assembly

•Portable - Light-weight thick walled frame allows the user to take it anywhere with them.

•Multi Discipline - Switch between Hoop Silks SkyPole or PST

•Technical Support available

•Quality Powder coated in Pink or Black

•Other colours available- at a cost of £34.20 Contact us HERE

•Taller Option available upon request HERE



Want to purchase this with a Hoop? Click HERE  Need a Skypole then Click HERE

Try our NEW Pole Suspension Training system PST today by clicking HERE

Like all our Products Urban A-Frame has a HOW2 video so you can watch a quick demonstration on how easy it is to assemble.


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Best purchase this year!

I was so excited to buy this frame. I love hoop even more than pole. The frame arrived well within the expected timeframe and was packed incredibly well. It arrived in perfect condition. It's so easy to build. I recommend building it on its side then with a minimum of 2 people you can lift it up. The legs come in 4 parts, on the second build I found it was better to only loosely join them so that when the frame was upright I could adjust the legs a bit better on the ground and then tighten them. Don't be alarmed if the frame looks wobbly. It's no different to the xpole stage. Once your in the hoop doing crazy things it's absolutely fine. I had 2 friends with me who said the frame looked fine whilst I was in it. Top tip: make sure you attach the hoop before you lift the frame into place. Thankfully I had a step ladder to hand! I'm so glad I brought this frame and not the one from xpole. Any queries I had were answered very quickly. I've already had hours of fun in the garden. All my hoop and pole friends are queuing up to come and play as well.